​​​​Ann Brogley's Balloons & More


~ Experience: Hundreds & hundreds of                   parties & events.

     ~ Professional: No worrying about       

     no-shows or late-shows.

~ You work with someone responsive,   

                 dependable, & knowledgeable.  

~  No last minute surprises!            

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Putting the POP into parties and events!!

I take classes, buy DVD's, meet with other twisters to share designs, and practice daily. This ensures I'm keeping up with current characters, while getting better and faster for my audiences!  Awhile ago, a friend suggested I try kids magic tricks, and now I love performing both. The kids and parents enjoy it, too!

 Have you ever had something just grab you and not let go?  That's what happened to me one night at a favorite restaurant.  I saw a balloon person making balloon characters and it was as if I was hit with a bolt of lightning...Oh my gosh, I thought, I could totally learn how to do that, if I could get over my fear of balloons!  All my life people have been telling me what a people person I am.  So, adding balloon twisting to my love of making people of all ages laugh and smile, seemed like a retirement dream career.  And, yes, living on social security seemed like it would have its limitations! That's how it started.​​ 

How did I get so lucky?

After a year of practicing and learning, I was lucky to get a weekly gig at the Texas Roadhouse, filling in for another balloonist. When that person didn't return, I became their official twister!  Soon, requests for birthday parties, street festivals, church and special events became frequent occurrences.